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Have We Done Away with “Traditional” Home Office Furniture?

May 6th 2022

We have written before about the changes in how businesses operate. The pandemic forced most if not all office-based businesses to adopt the remote style of working. However, with this change some companies have been paying to ensure that their employees have the same office furniture, predominantly office desks and chairs, that are of the same standard as they have in the office.

So, what does this mean for the home office furniture that most people are accustomed to?

When we say home office furniture what we mean is something that is space saving whilst also contains storage options. You can see an example of this below:

Lynemouth home office corner desk unit

Desks like these that are commonly found in the home, it may surprise you to find out that are built to a different specification that office desks or cantilever desks that you would normally find in any office. These desks are often designed for occasional use and not necessarily for the full time use that often businesses demand.

The other thing to note is the size of the desk, often these desks are slightly shallower in depth compared to the classic desks much for the same reason as discussed above.

Height adjustable desks are becoming more and more popular as in a large office setting, these may not have been a viable option. Where large quantities of desks such as bench desking systems or other open plan desks are needed, at home where there is only one office desk in the room, having a height adjustable desk is an appealing option.

Next day swift white height adjustable desk

So, what are we seeing? As more and more businesses adopt the hybrid way of working the office furniture that is being used in the home has been upgraded. Whilst an office or workspace in the home was a luxury for some, more and more homes have separate areas to work during the day.

We have also discussed in a previous blog post the positives and negatives of remote working for staff and moral, however we have not yet seen how this new way of working for so many will have an effect long term. Whereas previously the way in which we were able to separate work from home, in some cases has crossed that boundary.

In conclusion what we have seen is an increase in the quality of furniture used in the home which stands to reason as more and more employees are opting to work from home. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly they are being used much more frequently, as the need to work from home is still an option for a lot of businesses and secondly is that the standard of office furniture used in the home is now matching the standard of the office.

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