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Have a Seat Whilst You Stand - the Sway stool

14th September 2011

In today’s world we spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether it be at work, in the pub or café, even at home. As we see a common trend in people getting larger, the tendency is for us to sit down more as standing is becoming more strenuous. German designer Burkhard Vogtherr appears to have found a happy medium in his new design the Sway. The idea is that the stool bends slightly towards you so that you can lean on the chair alleviating the weight on our legs but still keep a healthy posture.

Many people notice every day that they sit for too long and in an unhealthy position. This is mainly due to the type of office chair or executive chair, or even the type of office desk that we use. It can be seen in the rise of hours that we work and the rise in ailments such as back and shoulder pains. It would be healthier if we could do some of our work standing, which is where the Sway stool comes into play.

The seat pad is simply mounted on a single column and has a round base. When not used it looks like any other high stool however when used, the column has the ability to lean or “sway” in the direction of the user. The stool is then able to take most of the weight but still leave you in the standing position giving you a healthy posture while you work.

This chair has not been designed for use in offices alone. This chair can be sold and used as café furniture, bistro furniture, used in pubs and bars, within the home, as reception seating, education seating in fact anywhere you would possibly expect to find a stool, you would be able to use a Sway. 

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