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Happiness in the Workplace…

General Comments January 19th 2012

A recent study that was carried out in Exeter suggests that by letting your employees have some form of control or input in the configuration, and layout of the office can help to increase the productivity by as much as 32% as well as improve their attitude towards their job.

The research was taken from Exeter University's Psychology department have revealed the potential for improvements in workers attitudes to their jobs by allowing them to personalise their offices. These findings contradict managers usual methods of creating a corporate identity.

"When people feel uncomfortable in their surroundings they are less engaged -- not only with the space but also with what they do in it. If they can have some control, that all changes and people report being happier at work, identifying more with their employer, and are more efficient when doing their jobs."

Web giants Google, Twitter and Facebook can put part of their success down to the motivation of their staff. Having offices that are comfortable and enjoyable to work has helped them get to where they are today. Below are a couple of images to show what your offices could be like.

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Happiness in the Workplace... image 1

Happiness in the Workplace... image 2

Happiness in the Workplace... image 3

Happiness in the Workplace... image 4

Happiness in the Workplace... image 5

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