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Google’s New Refurbishment is Designed to Keep Staff

General Comments December 19th 2011

In this current economic climate, it seems that companies are doing everything they can to prevent themselves from going bust but Google don’t have that problem. They turnover around a billion dollars a month but they know that they did not get there by throwing money away, as we can see by their previous history of flying people around the world in economy class. Why then have Google spent a small fortune in redesigning their London offices and kitted it out with all new office furniture and café furniture?

The answer is, according to Google, that the reason they have spent money in investing on a new café complete with a new range of café tables and café chairs, including the world famous Panton chairs and a completely refurbished office complete with new desks, modular sofas in the Star Wars themed lounge areas and break out areas with colourful and modern break out seating is that to ensure that the engineers that work for them don’t leave.

As it stands at the moment, the internet giants Facebook, Twitter and Google seem to be in a constant war for talent, as at the end of the day it is the people at these companies that help build the business with their ideas that millions of people use every day. Let’s not forget the steal of Google’s Sheryl Sandberg to Facebook in mid 2007 which help to launch Facebook into a new realm of business and cause them to turnover billions.

With this refurbishment, it is hard to see why anyone would want to leave Google. The newly refurbished offices include a massage room, music jamming room, new shower rooms, gym, and a new sushi restaurant with all new restaurant furniture and décor that serves food completely free to its staff.

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