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Obtaining the Correct Education Furniture is Crucial

Industry News January 7th 2015

Education furniture is a vital part of the successful learning experience for students and teachers alike. Comfortable, functional and attractive furniture is fundamental if you want to obtain the highest levels of learning and teaching. Finding the perfect furniture can sometimes prove to be difficult. A number of key factors need to be considered, for example: the age group of the students using them, the durability of the furniture and, the main hurdle for most, the agreed budget! Whether you’re setting up a learning environment for Primary School children or College students, the kind of furniture you select is crucial to the success of that education environment.

Why is the Furniture so paramount to success?

Studies have revealed that comfortable and attractive furniture significantly improves both student achievement as well as teacher satisfaction. Creating classrooms with furniture that is versatile, easy to use, ergonomic and easy on the eye will improve spirits of students and increase teaching levels. If an educational environment is equipped correctly it will contribute to positive student attitudes and increase enthusiasm for learning.

On the flip side, poorly equipped schools can suffer from low teacher morale and high absence rates. Second-rate furniture can hamper the learning experience, interfere with concentration levels and even affect test scores.

Key areas to consider when buying Education Furniture

· Age of students to be taught

· The range of physical sizes of the students within the class

· Physical size and shape of the classroom/space

· Type of teaching to be carried out - group work, traditional, one-to-one

· Ensuring you buy the correct chair & table heights

· Number of students in the class

· Colour scheme

· Disability access

· The teacher's requirements

· Storage facilities

Obviously you (the reader) are not a child thinking of redesigning a classroom. So let’s put it a different way. If you had an office space that had uncomfortable furniture which made your working life difficult, do you feel you’d work at your optimum level? In my opinion I think the answer would be no! All you’d want to do is get away and would spend your time clock watching waiting for your lunch break. The same applies for children/students.

We know how difficult it is to find the right classroom furniture. It’s possibly one of the hardest areas to get right, because of all the different aspects that need to be considered but our highly trained sales team will be more than happy to help.

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