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Get More Ergonomic and Start Feeling Better Now!

General Comments, New Products November 11th 2011

Ergonomics seems to be the most talked about subject in the office furniture world at the moment. It is not a surprise when we are seeing an increase in work related injuries due to the amount of hours that we as a nation are spending sitting on office chairs and using computers at work. It is not only back and arm problems that we are suffering from, it is neck strain as well. The main cause for this is the fact that we constantly have to look down at our monitors in order to see the screen causing constant tension on our necks. There is a solution to this problem and that is monitor supports.

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Stands that come with computer monitors are generally not designed to adjust and keep the screen at an optimum position. Computer arms are fully adjustable to the user and come in all shapes and sizes. Not only this but they actually add to the offices aesthetics. They are normally available in a range of different colours, although Silver, White and Black seem to be the preferred choice in office environments.

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Like most office furniture products including office desks and executive chairs, monitor arms are have a range of different prices and the price depends on the quality (obviously). If you opt for a cheap monitor arm then the chances are that after a short period of time the arm will begin to lose its strength (trust me I have first-hand experience of this)and your monitor will start to point down. It is for this reason that I insist that you spend that little bit extra money in finding a descent quality monitor support.

So if you are planning on refurbishing your office then it is almost certainly worth including these monitor arms in your budget. Below are some examples of high quality monitor arms that are supplied by Online Reality.

Click here to view our range of monitor arms.

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And as promised Fenton the dog for all of those who haven't seen the video yet

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