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Furniture by Aston Martin

New Products January 23rd 2012

Aston Martin have always been known for producing quality super cars including the Vantage and DB9 however the car makers have also have a range of office furniture that is well worth checking out. The desk pictured looks like it can travel at 150mph without even with it just in the stationary position.

The desk is made from a folded piece of aluminium and comes complete with a matching slanted drawer that is finished in leather. Thee lamp that can be supplied with the desk has a unique design and looks just as sleek and modern as the desk. The long arm reaches over the desk to illuminate it without it being in the way.

These are not the only pieces of furniture that have been made by Aston Martin. Created by the Formatalia Luxury Group, luxury furniture aims to please the corporate directors who like to work in an environment that is modern and sophisticated. The new line of desks and executive chairs are stunning and sleek.

There are two different leather options that are available, Black or Tan. The desks also feature push buttons that add a certain character and style to the desk as well. There is also a glass meeting table that has an aluminium frame to complete the look.

Furniture by Aston Martin image 1

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