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Flux – Focus on the Quality

Industry News May 1st 2015

Since being formed in 2000, ‘Flux Furniture’ has provided many retailers with a bit of a headache and its latest venture is sure to increase the perplexity levels a tad.

Yesterday, Online Reality listed two brand new products from ‘Flux’ – The Folding Bar (that’s summer sorted) and The Folding Counter which reinvigorated my passion for their Dutch furniture range.

Over a year ago I became part of the Reality (Online, Office and Café) empire. My attention was instantly drawn to the ‘Flux’ brand (I was new and it was innovative). “Would you like to fit 120 folding chairs into a mini?” WOW!!! Of course I would. This sounds like great FUN! After 10 minutes my original perception had changed. I thought to myself “It may be fun, but is it rational? Is anyone actually likely to do this?” 9 times out of 10 I’d go with no!

Flux - Focus on the Quality image 1

It’s a marketing technique that I’ve been questioning for a while now. Writing blogs can sometimes become difficult, until something like this pops up. There are several things that I am really passionate about, two of which are my job (marketing) and furniture. This is why Flux intrigues me.

“Ok so where are you going with this?" I hear you ask. I am not going to head off on a mini tirade to question whether the Flux brand is true to its word. I love the range and everything about it and simply want everyone to see the product behind the stunts.

Flux - Focus on the Quality image 2

From a business perspective, the Flux range is not something that people would usually seek out, which I think is wrong. In my opinion, I think ‘Flux’ should focus on marketing the ranges endless qualities and strengths. Flux grasped my attention by their cleverly put together ‘Mini’ advert, but done little with it, that’s my qualm. I was willing them on “you’ve got me now, drive (pardon the pun) home the qualities to convince people why people should buy your products". I was sadly left unfulfilled. So I guess it is down to me to show you. The reason I am brining this to light is solely down to the fact that ‘Flux’ manufacture good quality products and in terms of class, functionality and versatility they are up there with the best in the folding furniture market.

Did you know the ‘Flux’ chair can hold up to 25 stone in weight? That’s 5 times the weight of the chair itself.

Let’s use the ‘Flux’ chair for example: Available in an array of funky colours, the range really does have the potential to be seen in all walks of life. From your local estate agents (featured below) all the way up to a conference with 300 attendees. Weighing only 4.8kg, the Flux chair is extremely portable and can be easily carried up and down stairs or from room to room. But don’t let the light weight make you think this chair is, well… light weight. It can hold up to 160kg (25 stone) and is as strong as it is comfortable. This is only a brief insight into the quality of the products that Flux design and manufacture.

Obviously, this is a mere mortal’s view. But, I hope my opinion gets you thinking.

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