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Flexible Soft Seating by Molo Design

13th December 2011

In a previous blog I talked about the Flexible Love seat that can sit up to 16 people at once. The idea is that it stretches out to form a long sofa that can retract also and is small enough to fit inside a cupboard. It seems that this idea has been taken one step further, however after further research; it appears that it was actually made before the Flexible Love. It is manufactured by a company called Molo and released in 2006, the product in question is the Molo soft seat.

One way in which the seat differs from anything else is that this form of sofa can actually attach to one another to become even longer. The benefit of this is that you can have endless length of seating which will really make a statement. Another surprising factor about this strange form of break out seating is that it is made entirely from kraft paper. Kraft paper in itself is not that strong, but when formed and structured in the unique way that this form of soft seating is, it becomes a lot more durable.

This is not the only form of furniture that Molo have made that use kraft paper technology. Other pieces also include the kraft paper cloud, a lamp shade that has integral LEDs inside it. They also have stool versions of these as well as block walls that also makes use of LED technology. The way that this form of furniture works is that the paper is made into a honeycomb structure, much like an accordion, so that the furniture can stretch. 


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