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Flexible Protection from Mobile Screens

February 7th 2022

Although lockdown has lifted and we have now generally embraced hybrid working, our office environment and ensuring safety on site is essential. Creating a comfortable workspace where employees feel secure is an important part of making certain your business runs effectively. Staff will be far more productive if their fears are alleviated by strong measures in place to protect their personal safety.

A wide range of glass, Plexi glass and acrylic office screens were designed during the COVID-19 outbreak, from those that separate workstations to others created specifically for service and reception counters but perhaps the most agile options available are mobile glazed screens. In the next sections, we’ll investigate these innovative solutions that offer flexible protection in a workplace setting.

Enclosed areas of personal safety

Clear glazed, these screens can protect those behind them from airborne germs while ensuring maximum visibility for equally clear communication. Fully adjustable, the screens stand on two feet equipped with castors, that can be locked securely when stationary. By combining multiple screens, you can quickly create temporary enclosures whenever necessary for privacy and protection, allowing staff to work at a safe distance from one another.

Creating protective corridors

Entirely mobile, the screens can be easily wheeled to any area you require them. They can provide a perfect solution when you wish to establish a one-way system for safe passage around your office.

Keeping compliant

Mobile screens can be customised to your company’s specific size requirements or in standard dimensions. They can also be provided with dot manifestations for additional safety so they are easily seen and never become a hazard, ensuring your company keeps compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Ease of access

These innovative screens have been considerately crafted with ease of use in mind. Versions are available that include a slot for passing documentation or other company content through, ensuring no physical contact is necessary while still affording collaboration when necessary.

Maintaining office hygiene levels

Exceptionally simple to clean, glazed screens can be wiped down with disposable cloths and anti-bacterial sprays in between used ensuring exacting standards of hygiene are maintained in your office.

An agile solution

To sum up, mobile glazed screens allow you to adapt to instant changes in your office environment and answer specific safety needs at a moment’s notice whenever they arise. Being able to operate flexibly is fast becoming a key to business resilience in these unprecedented times and these solutions provide strong support.

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