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Flame Retardant Hemp Fabric from Camira

22nd February 2012

Camira has always been one of the leading manufacturers of fabric for office furniture, but they have recently unveiled their latest creation that utilises hemp to create their fabric. Camira are best known for upholstering office screens office chairs, executive chairs and operators chairs and the like, as well as other commercial items. The company have found a new way of using hemp to create a flame retardant material that is suitable for public buildings as well as commercial ones.

Camira is a company that is based in Mirfield in West Yorkshire and has just launched its range of hemp based fabrics, which as it stands is available in 30 colours, and is not only designed to upholster chairs, but sofas as well.

The great thing about hemp is that it is already grown for commercial purposes, and is also used in health foods, paper and even in the construction industry. However now the fabric is now used in a collection brought to you by Camira.

The fabric itself is comprised of 60 per cent wool and 40 per cent hemp and is the most environmentally friendly fabric that the company has produced due to the fact that it’s carbon footprint is lower than any of the other materials that the company has ever produced.

This is not the only environmentally conscious act that Camira is taking part in. They have teamed up with Starbucks to help the chain by disposing of their jute sacks and grinding the fibres to make a luxurious fabric called Wojo.

Camira itself employs 225 staff and is one of the biggest manufactures of fabric in Britain but intends in the near future to create up to 100 jobs in Yorkshire by breaking £75 million within the next 3 years.

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