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Extreme Sports – With Office Furniture?

General Comments August 23rd 2011

In previous blogs we have talked about how best to recycle office furniture, or what to do with your old office furniture and in most cases, there are a few options. However in New Zealand there seems to be a new craze (I use the term craze very loosely) to take your unwanted furniture and take it down to the local skate park.

Yes you heard me correctly, down to the skate park. After trawling through office furniture websites, I found a video that was originally aired on the WN Network in New Zealand that reported a small group of people partaking in what they call Extreme Office Furniture. In essence, to partake in this sport all you need to do is find any piece of old furniture, such as a chair or trolley that has castors and through yourself down a ramp. The video below explains this in much more detail, although it is advise that you do not try this at home or in your office!

(Please be advised that this is a joke and not a real extreme sport)

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