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Exercising in Your Office Chair

New Products October 4th 2012

When we talk about ergonomic chairs, we often refer to how a chair helps you to maintain a healthy posture whilst working. There are a lot of opinions on this subject from experts in the field of ergonomics to office chair manufacturers and dealers. Not only this, but there also opinions on what the best practices and exercises to do in the office, mainly to stretch your legs and take regular breaks from your chair. There are a few chairs on the market that actually help you to keep your body moving whilst sitting on your office chair.

A new chair to the market the Core Chair, which has been designed to encourage what is called active sitting. Active sitting essentially is that your body moves very subtly but regularly to maintain balance on the chair. This chair has a unique patent pending mechanism that allows the user to have a constant good postural position but also allows the body to subtly move to help exercise the muscles that are used for balancing, particularly in the lower back region.

The chair sits on an axis that has infinite movement, so encourages the person sitting on the chair to move in all directions to keep the body balanced. This clever office swivel chair is based on the exercise ball that you may be familiar with and which you may find in nearly all gyms up and down the country. When sat on the ball works in a similar way to the chair, or vice versa. The person sitting on the chair needs to constantly move in order to maintain balance on the ball which ultimately strengthens the lower back and pelvic muscles. The video that is featured below explains have the chair works in more detail:

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