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Executive Furniture with a Unique Feel – Goggle

9th December 2011

Executive furniture is important in any office as it helps to differentiate between members of staff with authority. Often executive furniture such as executive desks tend to be more intricate than regular corner desks and usually boast a thicker desktop, veneer finish and perhaps even a wider range of colour options. It is no surprise then that the right executive desk can make a positive impact on the way that your company is perceived and can help the overall look and appeal of your office. There is a new range of executive furniture that will really make a difference to the look of your office and that is the Goggle range.

 This stunning piece of furniture has been designed by Danny Venlet and its simple construction has a huge aesthetic impact. The desk is available in a range of finishes and has the option of a contrasting inner surface which makes the desk even more appealing. This desk is guaranteed to modernize any area and with its aerodynamic shape it will not fail to impress anyone that steps into your home office or commercial office.

The name of this desk might seem on first glance quite stupid however when taking a step back and looking at the desk as a whole, you can see why it has been called the Goggle desk. The desk has been modelled on a pair of goggles, even to the point that there is a cut away section for leg space which looks like a space where the nose would rest.

There is matching executive storage with this desk which helps support the desks unique shape. Available in the same colour as the desk with a wooden finish on the doors.


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