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Ever Thought About Artwork for Your Office?

New Products November 14th 2012

When refurbishing an office or moving into a new one, we always take into account the office furniture and the décor to provide the overall aesthetics, but do we think about office art to try and complete the look? The reason for this is that most people wouldn’t know where to start looking for art that would appeal to their office, however there is a company that create special pieces that are tailored to the design and feel of your office. The company in question is “Acrylicize”….

Acrylicize, based in London are a group of designers that make help businesses come up with ideas on how to incorporate office artwork in the office. It is not a case of literally finding a piece that they have created and you buy this from them, it is much more detailed. Firstly you arrange a free consultation with the designers to discuss your project and some ideas into what you want the finished piece to look like. The great thing about acrylicise is that you can give as much or as little information as you can to the designers and they will go away and come up with a few ideas.

Work on the piece will not start until you are happy with the preliminary designs and ideas as they feel that you should be 100% happy with your choice and to date all of the customers of Acrylicize have been more than happy with their results.

To date Acrylicize have produced art work not only for offices, but stadiums, the health care sectors, airports and even residential homes. Below are just a few examples of the artwork that have been created by Acrylisize.

Ever Thought About Artwork for Your Office? image 1

Ever Thought About Artwork for Your Office? image 2

Ever Thought About Artwork for Your Office? image 3

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