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Ergonomics Can help you Financially

General Comments February 3rd 2012

In these blogs, I mention back problems and other pains caused by sitting at your office desk or sitting in an uncomfortable office chair for prolonged period of times. I have discussed the reasons why our bodies need to keep moving so that blood can flow properly around our bodies and feed our muscles etc… and I have also discussed the different types of ergonomic office chairs that can aid you in preventing muscle disorders and malfunctions.

In America alone, 83 million days are lost to back pain or similar problems each year and the result is that back pain has now become the second reason why Americans call in sick for work, only beaten by the common cold. The aspect that I want to tackle in this blog is the financial side of the argument which will hopefully encourage people to choose an ergonomic chair and desk, whilst sitting in a more ergonomic position.

A report that was published last month in “Pain” magazine suggests that back problems that are caused by prolonged hours sitting in an office chair or at your desk can cause you to retire early and have a significant impact on your pension. The study was based on a micro simulation model and used on Australian workers between ages 45-64. The research found that men between 45 to 54 years who retired early due to the problems labelled above would only be worth about $5000 (Australian dollars) by the age of 65. To compare this, men that worked full time and retired at 65 would be worth $339,121. Within women the trends are the same. Early retirement means a worth of $20,064 and women who retired at 65 would be worth $237,496.

This study was carried out in Australia, however the same can be applied all over the world. The solution is then to invest in ergonomic office furniture now and try to maintain a good posture or you will suffer in the later retirement years, not only physically but financially too.

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