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Ergonomic Computer Accessories

New Products November 8th 2011

Upon visiting WEP 2011 exhibition (Workplace Ergonomics and Productivity) I found plenty of ergonomic chairs and computer accessories that are currently available or yet to be released to the public. Among these I found some very interesting computer accessories that claimed to be revolutionary in the battle between ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders. The company that caught my eye in particular as their range of products seemed to be the most intriguing are named Keytools and below are some examples of some of the products they have on offer.

RollerMouse Free2 – A completely new design for a mouse, placed just below the keyboard instead of gripping the mouse with your hand, you use the roller bar, which is surprisingly sensitive. The idea of this is to keep your shoulders and arms relaxed whilst having full control of your computer. The mouse is located centrally which reduces the need for stretching and therefore the risk of RSI.

Ergonomic Computer Accessories image 1

Goldtouch Split Keyboard – Another design to combat RSI and other such illnesses. This keyboard is split in half and is ergonomically designed to prevent undue stress on the wrists and fingers whilst typing at your desk. Adjusted with ease both horizontally and vertically from 0o – 30o to keep your wrists at the optimum position for typing that is recommended for those that touchtype 35 words per minute or more.

Ergonomic Computer Accessories image 2

Swiftpoint – This mouse has all the functions of a traditional mouse but operates on the palm rest next to your laptop’s touchpad. Studies that have been carried out on this mouse have shown that it is 30-40% more efficient than a regular mouse. The interesting thing about this mouse is firstly the size of it and secondly that it gives the sensation of holding a pen, giving you the minute precision needed when working on a laptop, a must have for designers.

Ergonomic Computer Accessories image 3

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