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Environmentally Friendly Furniture – Why it’s Important

28th June 2012

The fact that we are polluting the planet is not breaking news to anyone, if it is then you should ask yourself where you have been for the last few decades. We know that we need to do something in order to try and prevent complete destruction of our planet we all need to become more environmentally friendly, regardless of our industries.

The office furniture industry is no different. Many office furniture manufacturers are striving to try and reduce their carbon footprint by not only changing their manufacturing processes, but also by producing products that are recyclable.


In the last few years there has been a lot of talk about carbon off-setting. Essentially carbon off-setting is an initiative that means that businesses can pay other companies to perform green jobs on their behalf, for example by planting trees to reduce carbon footprints. Unfortunately this is not solving the problem and as there are no clear regulations, it appears that this is just a way to clear the conscience of the offending company.

There are businesses out there that are not using carbon offsetting as their only way of reducing their carbon footprint, and these are also included in the office furniture industry. Recycling and producing recyclable products is one way of helping the environment, but a new trend in up cycling is another method being utilised by office furniture manufacturers to further reduce their carbon footprint and effect on the environment.

Up cycling is a method of reusing items and products that are seemingly non-recyclable for another, sometimes even a better purpose. BuzziSpace is a great example of this as all the felt that they use for their acoustic products is made from 100% recycled PET material. In essence they have used not recycled plastic bottles, shredded them and used it to create felt.


We have a range of environmentally friendly products that you can view by clicking HERE and we will be updating this whenever we can to bring you a more comprehensive range in the future.

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