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Embody Chair? Or is There Another Way?

New Products December 7th 2011

Herman Miller have been renowned for producing office furniture since 1923 when the company was founded. They produce high quality furniture that is ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. In 1994 the company designed, what is still known today, the Aeron chair which has been the forefront of ergonomic design and has become a household name since it was first manufactured. It stands to reason then, that in 2008 Herman Miller produced a new ergonomic chair that would bring their company into the 21st century and they called it the Embody chair.

Embody Chair? Or is There Another Way? image 1

The Embody chair has been designed with ergonomics in mind. Basically users are able to work in the reclined or free floating positions, eliminating pressure on the internal organs along with the seated bones. DSE assessments, ergonomics, good working practice and the need for employers to understand the elements within are the reality of today’s working environment. Other reputable seating manufacturers appear to be embracing the need to produce chairs that provide comfort alongside practicality and which boast return on investment. This market place is continually changing, we have had a look at some of the latest ergonomic seating that maybe of interest to anyone considering a change. The chairs below are available in the seating section of Online Reality.

The Agitus chair is a new design brought out this year and it looks fantastic. The idea of the Agitus is that it has a shape that is designed to move with the contours of your body without restricting your movements. Another feature that the agitus has that not many task chairs have is a thoracic support as well as a lumbar support. This helps keep an ergonomic shape through the entirety of your back and with an optional headrest, this chair will help maintain a healthy posture throughout your body.

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The Evolve task chair is a great chair that is comfortable, ergonomic and will not break the bank. The synchronised mechanism ensures that the chair moves with the pivot of your body and has a specially designed mesh back that is flexible. Available in a range of different fabrics, this chair is designed to appeal to anyone in the commercial or domestic sector.

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