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Ecolok Furniture – The Greener Solution

3rd October 2011

Ikea have always been the name that is thought of when you are looking to by domestic furniture. They not only supply wardrobes, beds, dressers, etc… They also sell office furniture and home office furniture, office storage, and swivel chairs. There is one company that is fast emerging to try and show that there are other ways of furnishing your homes and that company is Ecolok.

In today’s world, we are constantly concerning ourselves with the environment and always looking for a green solution. When it comes to home furniture however, Ecolok appear to have found one. The most amazing thing about this furniture and how it fundamentally differs to Ikea furniture is that it does not require any adhesives, nuts or bolts to put it together.  Instead of using conventional methods of fitting furniture, the Ecolok method is to use tension and compression to hold their furniture together.

The first thing to notice when you order from the Ecolok company is that all of their furniture is delivered flat packed and comes much like you would expect to find and air fix pack. The pieces of wood then slot together and in under a minute your new furniture is formed. This eliminates the need for hundreds of tiny little fixings and small parts that you can lose, and it is just a s easy to disassemble the furniture as it is to assemble it.

The furniture is completely customizable. It is possible to put, according to Ecolok themselves, any design into their furniture. Whether it is a floral design or photograph, the company will provide you with a “quick, free, mock up design” and will provide a reasonable price for that.

This is a new way of designing and building furniture and with the lack of using bolts adhesives or fixings, provide a greener solution to your furniture needs.

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