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Di-vert - intelligent recycling solutions

19th August 2011

Di-vert is a scheme brought to you by Robinsons, a removals company based in Worcestershire, although they have branches all over the country. It’s not just office furniture, such as office seating and desks, they also will take It and telecoms equipment, vending machines, storage, lockers and safes, even kitchen equipment. Di-vert is also the UKs first fully-audited office furniture waste recycling service. They will cut the cost of moving, while actively supporting a company’s Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) policy by providing a full audit trail.

To get the Di-vert team in is simple. All you need to do is call up before you move and they will send in a representative to evaluate the cost or perhaps even the income that you can expect from the clearance.

Di-vert, offer a few different options that are available to you for your unwanted furniture. Depending on the condition of the furniture, it can be resold or donated to charity. In some case it is even possible, if the furniture is in good condition, to send the furniture abroad to third world countries where there is a high demand for office equipment.

Even if a home cannot be found for your unwanted furniture, the team will fully dismantle the furniture and will be sending everything to be recycled, eliminating the need for it to be sent to landfill. So if you are a company that values the environment, this is almost certainly the company for you


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