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Creating Something from Nothing – Study Spaces

General Comments September 20th 2011

It seems that nowadays the demand for a home office is on the increase due to more people working from home. There is also another reason why you are more likely to consider a study area, and that is if you have children. Most children now use computers to do their homework, with most even opting to use a laptop. With the increase use of these mobile computers, it seems that beds or sofas are commonly used as a place of work. There are draw backs with this though, the main being that there are too many distractions.

Most people don’t have the space in their house to devote a whole room to create a study, but here are some tips to help create a space for work that will aid concentration.

The first thing to consider when choosing your space is its location. You don’t want the area to be close to the areas that are used most frequently, for example the living room. Also you need to consider the noise levels within that room as you want it to be as quiet as possible as even background noise from the TV can be a distraction.

To create a home office, people tend to think that you need to devote a whole room to this but as all you really need is an office desk, operator chair and perhaps a pedestal and/or filing cabinet, why not think about making a room, perhaps a spare bedroom into a multi-purpose room.

There are many different options in order to save space when creating a study area with a huge range of computer desks or workstations that not only are able to hold a computer but come complete with storage options and even places to house a printer. There are some workstations that even allow for the work area to be closed away leaving what can only be described as a cupboard. Below are some pictures of what has been described above, all of which can be found at

Creating Something from Nothing – Study Spaces image 1Creating Something from Nothing – Study Spaces image 2

Creating Something from Nothing – Study Spaces image 3Creating Something from Nothing – Study Spaces image 4

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