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The Last of Steve Jobs…The Table Connect for iPhone?

New Products August 25th 2011

I seem to be writing a lot about Apple Inc. in these blogs, however when seeing the new products that they have on offer, I just can’t help it. Imagine if you are in a meeting and you could connect your smart phone to the office desk and use the desktop as a touch screen interface. It sounds like something out of a Sci Fi film, but the technology actually exists! It is called the Table Connect from Apple Inc.

When looking at the table it looks like a meeting table that has the novelty factor of looking like an iPhone, but with a dock at the foot of the table, you can connect your iPhone. The table then lights up and has all the functionality that your iPhone has. This amazing piece of engineering will appeal to businesses as it is a great way to firstly show off to clients or potential clients, as well as creating a large screen for presentations, all from your phone! This product is not just aimed at businesses however, consumers can find this appealing as it can be used to play games on. The Table Connect is still in the alpha stages of production, but do not think that this 58” monster will come cheap!

It is not clear whether Apple plan to make this product universal amongst all of their gadgets, for example the iPad, however they have brought out a similar coffee table or side table called the iTable. Placed in a reception area, this can be a great way to entertain clients while they are waiting and show that you are keeping up with the technology era.

In my personal opinion, I don’t think that we will be seeing these up and down the country in commercial areas or homes; however I had the same opinion of the iPad. With the recent resignation of Steve jobs, I can’t help but feel that this might have been his last extravagant piece before leaving Apple.

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