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Could the Design of the Macbook Pro Really be Based on a Chair?

General Comments August 24th 2011

Around 30 years ago, the company Herman Miller flooded the market with what we still call today, the Eames chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames. In response to this a UK based office furniture manufacturer, Hille International, came up with the System Supporto. It was designed by Fred Scott who, a designer in his own right, tried to make a sleek and stylish chair to be used, in that time, a contemporary office.

The chair was never as popular as the Eames chair, but it didn’t lack the quality to stand up to its rival. It had a classic design and was constructed from durable aluminium and upholstered in a thin layer of foam and leather. It was not only aesthetically pleasing, but after months of scientific testing, they designed the chair to be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible.

To this day the Supporto has been understated except by one man who happens to be the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design for Apple, Jonathon Ive. He has labelled the chair one of his favourite designs and even selected this particular chair for the Industrial Design Center in Cupertino, California.

It doesn’t end there as Ive was so impressed with the chairs functionality that he kitted out his team of designers with Supporto high stools for working at their raised bench tables and Supporto office chairs when the employees are sitting at their desk.

It does not end there however as it is not confirmed by Ive himself, but there is a strong rumour that the design of the chair actually influenced the design of the Macbook Pro. Having looked at pictures of both, it is easy to find comparisons between the two, for instance noticing that the seat could have possibly influenced the new black keyboard on the Macbook Pro? However this may be subjective and it is up to you to form your own opinions.

Could the Design of the Macbook Pro Really be Based on a Chair? image 1Could the Design of the Macbook Pro Really be Based on a Chair? image 2

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