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Copyright Laws threaten the furniture industury

3rd August 2012

Some of Britain most Famous furniture makers have claimed that 6000 British Companies could be at risk of shutting down if Government copyright laws go ahead. Leading many companies closed down and at risk of a mass of unemployment.£7billion industry ,employing 100,000's of people is not an industry we can risk losing. If this many go unemployed we could be suffering from large economical downfall.The governments plans to impose EU rules in this sector could cause great issues.Under the current law, Furniture designed by famous names such as Mies van der rouhe can be reproduced 25 years after being created.

This gives opportunities to furniture makers all across the UK to make copies and fakes of this product at affordable prices that accounts of a large number of companies across the industry.But the government plans to extend the copyright protection of a design making it 70 years after the creator dies.

This will bring UK law into line with EU-wide regulations, and repeals a key part of the 1998 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.This would bring the UK up to date with the musical scores or painting and would make creating fakes or copies illegal.Scores of workshop owners are ‘actively in discussions to close their business when this clause is repealed’ . This law comes at a period were families want copies of high end furniture that aren't priced ridiculously high. These families are just looking to save money, if news laws go through they are going to find themselves in an awkward situation where they can only buy the real designer furniture at really high prices.

Furniture known as originals can get 6 times the amount a replica could get. Making these laws will leave many businesses with thousands of pounds of unsalable products then intern will probably end up being illegally sold anyway. As items sold for decades suddenly become illegal many who worked in these businesses will suffer the most along with the business owners themselves.Not only will the products not be sold and lose money from that angle, all the equipment and tools used to make these furnishings will become useless and can be very expensive to buy.


There is no way that existing retailers can change to supplying alternative English products or even genuine items fast enough to avoid an industry calamity,’ one furniture manufacturer said. The change ‘will create thousands of redundancies in the private sector immediately at a time when the government was looking to SME’s to take up the employment of public sector workers,’ the source added.
The availability of replicas can be seen as an obvious plus because of the obvious cheaper prices but this can be argued by designers.It can undermine their creations and also the Industry, which is all about showing their skills as a creator. It shows that high quality does come at a price but you will receive great craftsmanship and this is what creating furniture is about.Its not about take the short cut and creating cheap versions of carefully thought out furnishings.
So maybe it is easier to make replicas and is cheap

So maybe it is easier to make replicas and is cheaper , but maybe we need to respect and understand that great craftsmanship does come at a price and we should be willing to pay that price.




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