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Miss-Spelling of Words in Office Furniture

General Comments February 2nd 2012

Office furniture itself may not be the most complicated of subjects however there are certain mistakes that seem to appear time and time again when either searching for it or writing about it. Without sounding pretentious, below are some examples of these, their miss – spelling and also their real spelling.

The first mistake that people tend to fall into the trap of spelling wrong is boardroom, such as board room table. You can be forgiven into thinking that as it is the “board’s” room and thus spell the word like that. However this word does not follow this convention and actually works like bathroom in that the word is together. If you find yourself constantly miss spelling the words boardroom table or boardroom furniture, then you might want to replace this with conference furniture!

Next is a type of office chair that even I to this day seem to have not been able to learn the correct spelling and that is draughtsman chair. A lot of people seem to think that this is spelt draughtmans chair or even draughtsmans chair. Once again the misconception is that the chair is the “possession” of the draughtsman so there for their should be an “s” after it, however this is not the case.

Another chair that I see miss-spelt time and time again is the orthopaedic chair. Many people believe that this chair is spelt either “orthapedic” or “orthopedic”. I must admit that when writing this I still have to put the word into Google and check the dictionary to make sure that I am spelling it right.

It is lucky that we have tools such as Google at our disposal to correct our searches and even if we do spell certain words of office furniture wrong, we will always find what we are looking for.

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