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Co-Working Rather Than Working from Home

17th November 2011

During the mid-1990s the thought was that the conventional way we work in offices could become extinct. The commercial property market was down; the recession was in full swing and with the invention of the internet people believed that everything could be done at home from work to even schooling. However like many of the predictions we have seen, this is not the case, even though we have seen an increase in the amount of people choosing to work from home rather than at their office desk.

Nowadays we can see that across the world the average amount of people working from home in some form of home office is around 20%, although this can vary depending on the country. There is still a need for offices however because for some people working from home is not an option. This could be for a number of reasons, for example, there may be to many distractions  or perhaps these people might not be able to fit a whole home office workstation in there house. So what is the answer for these people?

There is a solution for this and that is renting office space. Subscribers to a company called Intelligent Office pay just $50 a month and can rent an office for $20 an hour. It is a solution for those not able to afford office space as well as those who just can’t make the commute into work. You do not get that much, just an office desk, an office chair or standard swivel chair and a phone, but with the invention of wireless technology, this is all most people really need.

Also this is useful for those people who need the hustle of people working around them to get “in the zone” of working and this has proved a successful solution. Co-working seems to be coming more and more popular as people can pick and choose when they work from home and when they need people around them and for, in comparison very little space.


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