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Cloud Based Storage

General Comments March 22nd 2012

Cloud storage is a new way of digitally storing your office files digitally and has been designed to attempt to eliminate the need for paper in the office, well that’s the idea. The real question is whether cloud storage is reliable enough than actually storing something physical. The reason that cloud storage is becoming so popular is down to the recent increase in flexible working hours. More and more employees are using their home as their base or they are choosing to work whilst on the road, so being able to access data while not at their office desk or sitting on their office chair. Office workers are able to log in to the cloud and access important files and documents by just logging on to the internet.

It is for this reason that cloud storage has now moved from a convenience to a need. Office employees are able to access their work from laptops, Smart phones, tablets etc… without even needing to go into the office or be at their office desk.

Not only this but the storage capacity of the Smart phones, and laptops etc…do not have the storage capacity to store such huge volumes of information so this is where cloud storage really begins to look appealing.

The idea of Cloud storage is not a new one. If you use online emails for example like Hotmail, you are already using cloud storage in some form. The reason is that you are storing information that is not on your computer but has been stored in the deep cyber space world and not available to access on your computer.

Nowadays the cloud storage system is moving to a whole new level. Cloud based laptops and other devices are coming to market with no storage capabilities. The work that you do, your photos or anything else that you will save on your computer will all be saved onto a cloud.

Having said all of this I don’t think that cloud storage will ever take over the office storage filing cabinets or tambour cupboards as at the end of the day in order to keep a true archive of your work, you are going to want a physical copy as it is the only true way to keep your files secure.

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