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Clever Chair Designs

General Comments, New Products July 17th 2012

There are so many different types of chairs around, some can be used as café chairs, some are swivel based chairs in offices, and some are multipurpose that can be used for a huge range of commercial applications as well as domestic. With this in mind, we thought that we would show you a few clever chairs that can be used for a range of applications.

The first is the Flux chair. This chair has an ingenious design that not only makes it aesthetically pleasing when the chair is erect, but it can fold completely flat for the effective saving of storage space. This chair is so effective at saving storage space that it holds the world record for 109 chairs being able to fit inside a Mini Countryman. These chairs also have the ability to carry a maximum weight tolerance of 25 stone in weight, which is more than most office chairs!

Clever Chair Designs image 1Clever Chair Designs image 2

Another office or reception chair that caught our eye that will be available in August is the KD chair. This chair is constructed from 4 panels and has the ability to become flat packed or “knock down” for easy storage. These chairs can have contrasting arm, seat and back colours meaning that you can create a unique look for your office, reception area or café.

Clever Chair Designs image 3Clever Chair Designs image 4

Finally here is an example of a wooden bench that has a unique twist. The bench is made from a metal frame which supports a series of identical wooden pieces that can be set in two different positions. The first provides a seat but when pulled down creates an armrest or wooden table with ease. These wooden benches can be used as outdoor furniture and are designed for not only commercial use, but they can be used in the home as well.

Clever Chair Designs image 5

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