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Choosing the Best Break out Furniture for Your Company

General Comments October 25th 2011

The idea of break out furniture is to create a relaxing environment for your staff to chill out and enjoy. It is designed to send a message to those that are intended to use it. Sofas, soft seating, coffee tables and tub chairs need to be stylish, yet be able to fit in with the rest of the company’s image as well as the space requirements.

When looking to buy break out furniture, the first thing to note is that you need to work out the requirements, for example, who’s going to be using the area? How many people will be there at once? Is it it a high traffic area? Etc… also then you need to think about what the lay out is going to be, for example are you going to have poseur tables with bar stools? Or just simply tables and chairs that people can sit at independently and relax at?

Next you need to think about the space that you have available to you. You want to make sure that you maximise the space that is available to you without compromising the comfort of the room. Make sure that you do not block essential exits and emergency routes and take a thought as to what the goes on when the day is done; do the chairs need to be stackable and stored away to free up the space?

The next thing to think about is the style of the break out area. Do you want the area to match your offices décor or would you like to create something that contrasts it? For example, if the office has a very traditional or rustic look, then the chances are that you do not want to create a break out area that has a modern feel that features very bold colours. Also if you are creating a café style area, low stools or bar stools could be a great complement and can help you get away from the same old table and chair scenario.

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