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Choose Green Furniture

General Comments March 12th 2012

More and more companies are becoming aware of their impact on the environment and how they are looking to minimise their impact on it. This is not the only factor being considered when purchasing office furniture; they are looking to save money, increase productivity as well as project a positive image of the company.

Choosing green furniture, by this I mean office furniture that is recycled, refurbished, reclaimed or up cycled, you will help the fight for a healthier environment. Try to make sure that you buy products such as office desks, office chairs and office storage that is durable, locally sourced to minimize travel costs. Also it may be worth trying to look for certifications that indicate the product has been assessed in terms of the impact on the environment.

Flexible working hours are becoming more and more popular in recent years and the introduction of hot desks is on the increase. The reason for this is that not only does this flexible working regime save money, but it is also helping the environment. One thing that you should bear in mind however is that they should all be height adjustable desks as there will most likely be people of different sizes using it. Also make sure that you have an appropriate office chair or operator chair that is fully adjustable and it might be worth investing in some monitor arms as well.

Ergonomics and ergonomic furniture are an important part of the offices at present. By having ergonomic furniture, you can greatly reduce the amount of sick days from your employees and help to also reduce the productivity in the office.

One major problem that is in offices around the country is the wastage of heat. By introducing loft and cavity insulation you can greatly reduce the amount of heat being released and can also save on your heating. Not only this but it is a fact that offices are usually occupied by 40%-60% most of the time.

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