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Charles Pollock Designs New Office Furniture

General Comments May 11th 2012

There has been a lot of talk about designers and their classic designs from the Egg chair to the wire chair, but not much, if any, from the designer Charles Pollock. Pollock was most noticeable for designing and producing the Pollock Executive Chair in 1963 and it was one of the most popular chairs of the time and even today, holds a firm position in the Knoll collection.

Charles Pollock graduated from the Pratt Institute and worked for George Nelson, who ultimately gave him the credit for designing the classic 1958 Swag Leg Armchair for Herman Miller. It is worth noting however that this office chair is still quite often attributed to Nelson. However with this and the Penelope chair that was designed and created for Castelli in 1982, he has designed almost nothing in the years that have followed and many people that work within the furniture industry thought that he was dead.

Pollock was diagnosed with bi polar disorder in the 1950s, however he did not let this stop him from creating and designing furniture and office furniture including executive chairs well into the 1980s.It was while creating a chair for Olivetti that he decided to stop furniture design as the chair never made it to the production line due to the financial difficulties faced by the company. It was this that caused Pollock to turn to painting and sculptures as a form of creative release.

Jerry Helling, president of Bernhardt Design decided to go in search of Pollock. The Pollock executive chair, explains Helling "was the first chair that made an impression on me when I came into this industry over 20 years ago."

"In the past 10 years there's been all this talking, reading and filmmaking about our midcentury designers, yet nothing had been said about that chair or Charles Pollock," commented Helling.

The CP lounge chair is the first creation from Pollock in almost 30 years and will be introduced to the world at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York on May 19-22.

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