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Changes in Office Furniture Design

General Comments January 30th 2012

Technology has been the biggest influence in the design of office furniture and in the past 20 years the office furniture has changed a lot to accommodate the evolution in the technology that we choose to use today. It is not only the technology that we use, but it is also the technology that is used to make the furniture that has changed. The design, finishes available and the and the cost of manufacturing have reduced do to the increase in the amount of desking needed to combat the rise in office workers.

To put it simply an office desk is normally rectangular in shape and supported by 4 legs with optional storage added if needed. It has been in recent years that the needs for this have changed. Computers have meant that cable management systems have been introduced to many desks to try and to take care and keep tidy stray cables. Now we have computer workstations that can be used not only for home offices but for the commercial offices as well.

It has been only in recent years that the desks have really hanged to accommodate the computer as many people did not need them and could not even use them, however in today’s offices, it is almost compulsory and everyone appears to have one or need one on their office desk. It was for this reason that desks began to increase in depth as people realised that a 600mm deep desk was simply not deep enough for them. It was due to the size of the monitor and how they could not quite fit it on their desk. Ironically as the desks have got deeper, computer monitors appear to have shrunk in size and got thinner to be able to fit onto the desk leaving ample room.

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