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Chair of the Future – The Leopard Chair

14th December 2011

As you can probably tell one of the main subjects of these blogs tends to be about ergonomics. There is a reason for this and it is because it is something that the office furniture industry is taking extremely seriously. It is a fact that there are more and more work related injuries per year and because of the way that we work, everyone seems to be working for longer periods of time which is helping increase this figure. I have talked about ergonomic chairs that have lumbar supports, pelvic supports, thoracic supports and are all fully adjustable, however there is a chair that has all of these, yet the adjustments are not controlled by the user, but actually by a “robot”. The chair that I am talking about is a new ergonomic office chair that is making a huge impact on the ergonomic office furniture market and that is the Leopard chair.

Working in collaboration with OKI, who are pioneers in advanced robot technology, Okamura Corporation created the Leopard chair as the first intuitive reclining seat that uses robot technology. The chair is able to react to the movements of the user by means of an interactive reclining function which delivers a comfortable experience no matter what your body shape or size is.

The framework on this chair is surprisingly simple and compact, with the frame also being environmentally friendly. The use of all toxic materials was avoided; the chair offers a high recyclability and also is guaranteed and built to last.

 One other feature that is worth mentioning is that this chair offers seamless sit-to-stand support, making it perfect for lounging areas or just to work at your office desk. This chair is seems to be setting a standard among office chairs and perhaps we will be seeing more ergonomic chairs with computer technology in them in the future.


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