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Café Furniture in the Office

General Comments October 10th 2011

When you think about an office, in particular furniture, you can’t help but picture swivel chairs, office desks and may be even screens. However it is becoming increasingly more popular to include bistro furniture to make the office a more relaxed place. More and more offices are trying to adopt ways to create a more interesting and homely feel to their offices and one of the methods that some organisations are choosing is café furniture.

Having said this, it is not really the office itself that is receiving the furniture, but more like the staffrooms and break out areas. Bistro chairs and tables are a great way to brighten up any staffroom or rest area as they can come in a variety of colours and shapes. There are a huge range of affordable options to choose from including wood shell chairs to upholstered chairs. You may be forgiven in asking “what real value does this have on your business?” or “why bother with spending extra money on this type of furniture?”

The reason is simply to try and create a relaxed environment for your employees. Offices are becoming more and more stressful due to the amount of work and increase fear of redundancy looming over a lot of peoples head. One of the ways to try and combat this is to try and create a relaxed environment for employees to go to chill out. By buying café furniture, you are replicating an environment that is similar to a coffee shop which will help employees to relax. This can help in two ways, firstly by providing a relaxed area; your colleagues will be able to come back from their breaks fully refreshed and able to work harder. The other is that it will mean that employees will be less likely to leave the office on their breaks which will cut down on time.

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