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Café Chairs and Deck Chairs to be Placed around Sydney

General Comments October 18th 2011

In the next Spring/Summer it seems that the government in control of Sydney have decided to place deck chairs, café chairs and café tables in and around the city centre of Sydney.

Danish architect Jan Gehl, who has helped to create the concept said: "Sydney hasn't got the reputation of the being the most people-friendly city centre in the world and for a major metropol, of course it should be a wonderful place, a very liveable place and a memorable city centre"

The idea is to create relaxation areas around the city for everyone from Sydney residents to tourists to make stop and make use of the city centre by relaxing. At the moment as it stands there will be approximately 190 pieces of outdoor furniture used in Sydney square as of 11 October 2011, however it is not known what type of furniture this will be either wooden café chairs or aluminium chairs or tables however this concept will be trialled over the next 6 months during the seasons of Summer and Spring to see if people take to the idea.

There will be free Wi-Fi available in these areas and with the increase in technology recently, users can sit and read the online paper, play games or access social networking sites as well as admiring the sights of Sydney’s city centre itself.

It is not just Sydney Square that will be receiving the furniture. In the coming months outdoor furniture will be popping up around Sydney as the popularity grows and the main intention of this initiative is to try and create a more relaxing environment and a more appealing place for people to visit and to stay. If the concept is successful we may be seeing more relaxation areas around Australia and perhaps the rest of the world.

Café Chairs and Deck Chairs to be Placed around Sydney image 1Café Chairs and Deck Chairs to be Placed around Sydney image 2

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