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Buy the Olympic Furniture

31st July 2012

The Olympics have started the Olympic village has been built , so let the games commence. The Olympic village, all clean and pristine is brimming with thousands of potential gold medallist.Where to house this medallists? Only in the newly built Olympic apartments full of lounges,kitchens but best of all bedrooms the only place where these Olympic medallist can really relax from the hussle and bussle of the thousands of eager fans that wish to meet these hard working athletes. These dedicated Olympians deserve the best, but little do they know that the furniture they lay their head on is already sold to some Olympic fan.

After the para-olympics the furniture in the village is being delivered to the whom ever has bought the sets , being £99 per a furnishing who wouldn't want to buy something your sporting hero may have rested up a event on.Just imagine sleeping on the same bed that Usain Bolt had slept on before the 100m final. Amongst the 1000's Olympic games product will be beds, bed side tables, mattresses and lamps. The company behind the resale of these products is Ramler furniture. Many people have already bought there furnishing before the games even started. What a souvenir to have : the bed of your sporting icon. 

They have set up a dedicated Website that deals with the resale of these products and the delivery of them. Our athletes deserve the best but little do they know the bed that they are lying on a bed that has already been sold to some.The Olympic village has only just built and the removal men are already all to prepared to come in and take the furniture.

While the furniture will be recycled after the games, athletes living in the village flush the toilets with water sent to the capital sewers hours earlier by nearby residents. The water recycling plant at the park in Stratford, east London, turns sewage the north of the capital into non- drinking water that is then flushing the toilets of Olympians and watering the plants at the site to keep this newly created area looking it utmost best to really impress anyone that is coming to visit. This will leave the mass of fans feeling that they really have had experience looking at their beautiful surroundings and knowing that this really is the best Olympic park that has ever been created.

So if you buy some Olympic furniture just remember your sporting hero could have rested there.


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