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Beam Seating

12th July 2012

Beam seating has become more and more popular in recent years due to the fact that the design of it has changed from simple seating solutions into more designer furniture. Beam seating is most commonly used in areas where space is an issue due to high traffic. Beam seating is most commonly used in places such as airports, doctor’s waiting rooms and other high traffic areas.

This change in design is due to the modern office calling for upscale furniture that is not only functional but adds to the décor of the room that it is placed in. In this day and age, with the increase in technology, it appears that there is an increase need for aesthetically pleasing furniture.

We, as consumers, are constantly in search of modern office furniture and it is not only beam seating that reflects the increase in design orientated furniture but all types of furniture now reflect the modern ambiance that we have created.

Beam seating is popular as it can be made and used in many different configurations much like unit sofas. The great thing about these bench systems is that they can be connected together round a room as well as being placed back to back to create a different configuration.

Below are some examples of beam seating that shows the different styles and configurations that can be beamMetal beam

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