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Are Height Adjustable Desks Worth it?

June 22nd 2022

You probably already know that sitting can be bad for your health. Sitting poorly increases the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and even cancer. But what if you could easily change the height of your desk while you work, to reduce the negative effects of sitting? With a height adjustable desk, this is possible.

Improve Posture and Reduces Discomfort

Probably the most obvious benefit of a height adjustable desk and that is the fact that it improves posture. When we work at a desk it is impossible for us to remain in a single position that promotes good posture. As we get tired we can slouch and tend to hunch over our desk. This can lead to Upper cross syndrome where our head and shoulders tend to hunch forward and can cause pain in a lot of places.

In the recent study, 47% of the people that used a height adjustable desk whilst working reported a significant reduction in upper back, shoulder and neck discomfort.

Increased Productivity

The ability to change the height of the desk when feeling uncomfortable, rather than to move away from the desk increases productivity. Not only this but being in a standing position when working also uses more muscles than being seated and allows more freedom for the body when working.

The human body is not supposed to be in the same position for extended periods of time. We can see this by when we are in positions for a length of time, our body tends to ache and we need to stretch out of that position. The more we are able to switch up our position in a healthy way can lead to better overall productivity without the need to take breaks due to physical reasons.

65% of people reported increased productivity in addition to better concentration ability during the study. They reported being more active, refreshed, awake, limber and energetic.

In fact 65% of people in the study also reported that using height adjustable desks had a positive impact on their health outside of work. Which would make sense as if you are feeling healthier why working, this would naturally have an impact when you are not.

Improve Mental Activity

Not only does using a sit-stand desk improve posture and can be physically healthy, but studies also suggest that standing whilst working and having the option to do both can significantly increase mental function as well.

A research study, showed that students who used height adjustable desks in the classroom, showed improvements in focus, executive function, and memory. The study also suggested that sit stand tables and desks boosted brain activity by improving blood flow around the body, which meant more blood was passed through the brain.

Better Collaboration

Another study noted that when we stand, we communicate and engage far better than when we are sitting. This study found that students with standing desks were more attentive and performed 12% greater with on-task engagement than their counterparts.

This is a real positive result and also a really good result for those businesses that want to promote collaboration in their teams in the office.

To Conclude...

In conclusion, it seems that height adjustable desks are a positive addition to any office as it gives the user the option of when and for how long they want to work standing. With positive physical, mental and productivity impacts means that this is not just good for employees, but also a solid investment for businesses.

As an advocate for height adjustable desks in the office, we are on of the UK’s leading suppliers with a choice of manual and electric height adjustable desks from a wide range of brands to suit any budget.

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