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Apple Have Done it Again…

18th August 2011

Having said this it wasn’t the Apple geeks (or geniuses as they prefer to be called) who made this, it was designer and master craftsman Søren Rose. Søren Rose is from Denmark and created the Milk desk to create a space that has everything you need to keep the desk clutter free and even incorporates an electrical height adjustable column to suit every user. To quote Søren directly:

“Our product design is fuelled by a deep love of furniture and the challenge of inventing something new. Limited edition creations serve as the playground where everything is possible and innovation is pinnacle. Interior design projects, for both commercial and residential spaces, let us redefine function and change your daily space. We challenge convention.”

The Milk desk looks in a word stunning and will appeal to anyone who has a modern home or commercial office and wants to further improve the look of it. The features include a large desktop, and a slot to put your iPad or magazines, four compartments that you can store a bin, pencil tray or even (as pictured on the milk website) a fish tank! All in all this is a fantastic bit of kit.

Milk desk1milk-desk2


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