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An Almost Indestructible Seat

26th April 2012

The title of this blog maybe what some people might call unbelievable, but having seen a video on just how strong the plastic chair seat it made me believe.

Plastic chairs have become increasingly more popular not only in the café industry, but they have also become increasingly more popular in the education furniture industry and can also be seen in break out areas in the office as well. The main reason for its increase in popularity is that fact it is highly durable, can be used as outdoor furniture as well as indoor furniture and not depreciate easily.

Plastic furniture can be made into almost any colour in the spectrum and even when left outside in the sun as well as being subjected to harsh rainy conditions; it still retains its colour.

It is for this reason that cafés use plastic for their outdoor chairs particularly in Europe as they make their outdoor area unique and stand out from the crowd.

Schools and other public sectors use plastic as they are tamperproof as they are usually made as one piece.

The Matal shell seat is a classic example of a design that can be used not only as education furniture, but also as café furniture and break out furniture. It has a simple yet distinctive look at an affordable price. Moulded from polypropylene it is easy to clean and extremely durable as the video below will prove.

The great attribute to this chair is that it can be put on a multitude of different bases that give the chair a different function. For example it can be placed on a beam to be used as beam seating in waiting rooms, place on a swivel base for use as an operator chairs in schools, or just simply used in conjunction with a 4 leg frame to be used as canteen furniture or break out furniture.

Below is a video of a Land Rover running over the seat and incredibly it retains its original shape.

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