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Aircharge – The Wireless Smartphone Charger

Company News October 29th 2014

After a quiet few months on the technological surprises front, I’m pleased to announce the drought is finally over. Thursday afternoon arrived and I was still staring into social media abyss. Until, I had a magazine left on my desk with notes scribbled all over it. I thought to myself “must be a good one". A big headline underneath the product read "GO GET THIS". I did exactly that. I went, and I got it. I have to say this product has excited me greatly since reading up on it and having lengthy chats with the guys that sell it.

You’re now bored of listening to me, so without further ado Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce, the ‘aircharge’ wireless charging unit.

The frantic search for somewhere to charge a smartphone will soon be a distant memory thanks to aircharge - a wireless, coaster-sized charger that's already appearing in cafes, bars, restaurants and offices all over the UK. It offers wireless charging solutions for devices, making it easy to charge on the go, helping to bring power and control to you (the user) and cuts down on what you need to carry when on the go. The solution means you’re free from using cables and power sockets. How amazing is that?

At Online Reality, a supplier of office desks, boardroom tables and café tables, it seemed silly not to add this distinctive product to our armoury. It is still a brand new product but people are now buying into the whole wireless charging vision. The great thing about the aircharge is that it will fit in with any table top, in any backdrop. You barely even notice it’s there. If you’re a business owner and you have the aircharge sign on your shop window it will bring new customers just because it’s convenient.

How does the aircharge work?

Aircharge uses a progressing technology called QI (inductive power standard) where a magnetic field in the charger transmissions power to a receiver (entrenched within your device, charging receiver or charging case) when placed on top, without using any cables. From 2014, Mercedes-Benz will be introducing Qi wireless charging technology into their vehicle range.

Aircharge are a proud member of the Wireless Power Consortium, where members aim to have one global standard for wireless charging that makes all wireless chargers compatible with all phones and battery operated products

Closing thoughts on the aircharge

We received our sample of the aircharge this morning and I have to say I’ am a fan of the new technology. It’s small, contemporary and practical. I think it’s only a matter of time before we see a wireless charger boom. The whole concept makes sense to me.

After extensive research into the product and its functions, we feel suitably prepared for any questions or queries you may have about the aircharge. We are ready for the rise of the aircharge. ARE YOU??

Find out more about the 'aircharge'

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