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Acoustic Treatment for the Office

New Products November 3rd 2011

Noise is a common problem (as I have mentioned in a previous blog) in nearly all offices in the world. It can be very distracting especially for people that find it hard to concentrate and in some cases can be a leading cause of stress. With all of this in mind surely there must be a solution or at least something that might ease the level of noise in the office. Thankfully there is and they are called BuzziSpace.

BuzziSpace provide screens that have been specifically designed to reduce the levels of noise in the office. They do this by using soft felt with cushioning underneath that absorb the sound, so the sound does not reflect back into the room and cause annoyance. Not only can screens be placed in between desks to separate them, but they can also be placed on wall and can act as a pin board which shows that they are multifunctional. The acoustic screens also come in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit all office environments, so the aesthetics of your office will not be compromised.

BuzziSpace also provide other ranges that can be included in the office area. They provide booths for workstations, booths for phones (they call it the Buzzi Hood) cube seating, even children’s seating and boxes.

BuzziSpace is a great addition to any office or home as it has vibrant colours that stand out and as well as this help to alleviate the problems of sound which can indirectly help to increase the productivity, which can’t be bad! Having looked around, I don’t think that there is anything else like this on the market. OK maybe acoustic screens are not the newest of ideas when it comes to office furniture, but you will be hard pushed to find the products that have such a wide variety of styles and colours, complete with pin board material and eco-friendly. Below are a few pictures of BuzziSpace products being used in a wide range of applications.

Acoustic Treatment for the Office image 1Acoustic Treatment for the Office image 2Acoustic Treatment for the Office image 3Acoustic Treatment for the Office image 4

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