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A Solution to the Problems of Education Furniture – Vario Chair

New Products September 14th 2011

Education furniture, education seating has always been a problem in schools. Children like adults are spending more and more time sitting in front of desks at school and as children tend to grow at different speeds; we need to look into how best to help them ergonomically so they don’t suffer in later life. The current trend is that education seating is a “one size fits all” mentality, however designer Adrian Hodder has come up with a solution to this and that is the Vario chair.

This chair is unique in that it is multi-adjustable to suit the size and shape of any child. The chair comes with a height chart that is used to measure the child and instructions of how to adjust the chair to suit him/her. The adjustment of the chair can be done in one smooth motion and as the child grows can be easily changed to suit his/her needs. When seated, the chair cannot be changed which prevents the child from being distracted whilst working as we know that children have low attention spans, this is a fantastic attribution to the chair.

Adrian Hodder has been working closely with the expert ergonomists at FIRA to make sure that this chair reaches the standards for use within the commercial sector. Hodder has had interest from furniture manufacturers to try and realise the commercial value of this product but as of yet the chair has not made it into production. Having said this as there is not really a chair like this on the market that is aimed at children and their development, I don’t think it will be long before we see this chair reaching schools across the country. What I love about this chair is that even though it is in the early stage of development, it is turning heads and making people realise that it is not only ergonomic chairs in offices that we need to think about, but schools as well.

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