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A Sofa That Can Seat 16 People And Can Be Stored in a Cupboard?

17th August 2011

Designed by Pinzaan Company Limited, their furniture is made of entirely recyclable materials. They have achieved this folding marvel by creating an “accordion-like” design that enables the structure to move in and out, but still giving enough support for people to sit on it without the chair being damaged.

The great thing about this chair is that it is made from entirely recycled paper and wood waste, and the making of the product uses pre-existing manufacturing processes which further reduces the effect that they have on the environment… amazing!

The name flexible love came from the concept of a “flexible love-seat”. To explain, seating that was capable of holding as many individuals as possible, in this case up to 16 people. It is also able to change length and shape with minimal effort and with its honey comb structure gives enough support to allow up to 16 users.

Flexi Love 1

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flexible 2

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