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A New Way to Work Out in the Office – The Gymygym Chair

New Products September 16th 2011

There are a few ways when working behind a desk or sitting in your office chair to get the blood flowing and to take a break. Most, if not all of these involve leaving your desk and walking around. There is however a new way to take a couple of minutes out from your work without having to leave your chair and that is the Gymygym chair.

Created by Adam Ben-David, this chair is the first ergonomic chair that allows you to have a full workout while still seated. "There's six handles, so there's four stations and one band for each. And you can do roughly 16 core exercises with variations on those," explained the inventor. This chair works by using a pulley system that has been built into the chair and can adjust the tension by using a simple mechanism on the chair’s back and by raising or lowering the seat. The chair’s tension control can go up to approximately 90-100 pounds, however this can be changed as the Gymygym ergonomic chair is provided with thicker and thinner bands that can be put round the pulleys so the weight tension and boundaries are completely up to the user.

The biggest attribute for this chair is the convenience. Many people who sit in front of their desks all day, don’t really have the time to work out, however with this handy office chair they can workout for a couple of minutes and get straight back to work.

Ben says that the idea for chair originated from the time when he was a philosophy student in college. He found that he spent hours and hours sitting in front of the computer and wanted to find a way to keep healthy without wasting time and leaving his desk. "We got a few dumbbells, just kind of had those around the chair, got an exercise band, and it really started to snowball into a whole system," said Ben-David.

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