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A Guide to Adding the Right Cable Management

General Comments November 7th 2011
Computers are more common place than ever before and even though the rate of technological advancement is ever increasing. It will be a long time before we actually have a completely wireless office. It is for this reason that every office will need some form of cable management.
There are a few ways in which an existing desk can be altered in order to have cable management, however it is recommended that you think about this before purchase. It really depends on how much you want to spend as to what type of cable management system you go for.
Grommets/Cable Ports – These are the most basic of cable management. The purpose of these is to allow cables to pass through keeping the desk neat and tidy. These are sometimes already present on desks however they can be made anywhere on the desk depending on the needs of the user. The standard size for a cable outlet is 80mm.
Cable Baskets – These can be used in conjunction with the cable ports as the idea is that once the cables have passed through the desk then they can sit in the basket which is placed horizontally underneath the desktop and keeps the wires away from legs and feet.
Desktop Modules - Not all office workers will be using computer desktops to work some will be using laptops. In this case, you will be most likely unplugging and plugging in your laptop regularly and it is advised that you use some form of desktop power module. These can come in a range of shapes and sizes and can either attach to the desk or can be sunk into the desk. It is not only power that can be used to make up these modules, but they can also accommodate data connections as well as VGA. Some examples of these are pictured below, all of which are available form

A Guide to Adding the Right Cable Management image 1A Guide to Adding the Right Cable Management image 2A Guide to Adding the Right Cable Management image 3

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