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A Few Tips to Maintain a Happy Office

19th January 2012

We can safely say that offices and office environments are not the most pleasurable places to work in. Whether you cannot stand the people you work with or if it goes as deep as the office furniture, offices are not pleasurable. Below are a few tips to maintain a happy office:

Maximise Space – No matter how big your office is, you need to make use of the space that is provided for you. Making a flow of incoming and outgoing business is key, this may be customers walking through the reception area and through a designated route through the office or just simply having a system of incoming or outgoing post. Make sure that any unnecessary “stuff” is discarded.

Keep the Air Clear – Clean air, good lighting and comfortable temperatures are key to having a successful office. Being comfortable in the area that you work is very important to keeping a happy office.

Avoid Burning Out – Whenever you feel lost or tired, it is important that you take a walk, stretch or move around. By simply talking to a colleague, taking a break by the water cooler, or just having a coffee can bring a refreshed attitude so when you sit back down at your office desk, you feel refreshed.

Keep Your Body Fit – The mind requires a healthy and fit body. If the body is out of shape, the mind will become relaxed. If you work out your body, endorphins are released and your hormones will be boosted. Your work, your mood and your whole day will be improved and as a result so should your business. You don’t have to join a gym in order to do this. By simply walking to work you can increase your endorphin and hormone level very quickly.

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