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7 MORE Tips to Increase Productivity When Working

June 20th 2022

We have written previously about how to be more productive and here are some more tips!

Being more productive is something that's needed in today's busy and fast-paced society. It's hard to stay efficient and keep up with everything you need to take care of each day. Like our previous blog, these 7 tips are designed to help you gain more productivity throughout your work week (and even weekends!).

Drink more water

The human body is made up of about 60% water, and we need it for every function in our body.

Water helps your body absorb nutrients, keeps your skin looking young and healthy, and helps you digest food. If you're dehydrated, your body has to work harder to do all these things, which can affect your focus and productivity.

Stand up often during work hours

Standing up often during work hours can increase productivity throughout the day. Studies have shown that standing up causes the body to release endorphins, which help improve mood and increase focus. When you're able to focus better, you're more likely to complete tasks in a timely manner, which means working faster and more efficiently.

If you stand up for just two minutes every hour during your workday, it could be enough for your body to release enough endorphins to improve your mood and boost productivity.

A height adjustable desk is a really great way of being able to balance being seated and stood throughout the day. With the choice of electric and manual, there are desks to suit all budgets.

Keep your workspace clean and organized

Keeping your workspace clean and organized can help you to be more productive. A clean space is a place where you can focus on the task at hand, without being distracted by messes or clutter. Keeping your desk area tidy ensures that you have a clean slate to start with each day and allows you to focus on what matters most: getting your work done!

When your desk looks messy, it can take away from your productivity. When things are out of place or disorganized, it's hard for us to focus on what we're doing and we may find ourselves wasting time trying to find something that we need. Having a clean space also makes it easier for others around us to focus on their work as well!

Use a timer

It's easy to get distracted by everything that's going on in the world around you—especially when you're trying to get work done. But when you set a timer and work without interruption, you have an opportunity to focus on what matters most: getting the job done.

Setting a timer means that you can't be distracted by anything else until the time runs out—no checking email, no scrolling through social media feeds, no stopping to chat with coworkers or friends. You'll find that this helps you stay focused and get more done in less time than ever before!

Tackle difficult tasks early in the day

It's no secret that tackling difficult tasks early in the day can be an effective way to increase your productivity when working.

The reason for this is simple: you have more energy and willpower when you start your day than you do at the end of it. This means that if you get a tough task done early, it will be less likely to hang over your head all day and keep you from getting other work done.

Plus, if you start with a positive mindset, it will carry over into the rest of your day!

Plan ahead

When you plan ahead, you will know exactly what you need to do and when it needs to be done. This will allow you to focus on the task at hand without having any distractions or interruptions.

Planning your day also helps prevent procrastination by allowing you to see what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. This means that if there is something else that needs to be done first, then it will not get pushed back until later in the day.

Set up a daily goal

Setting a daily goal can help you get more done in a shorter time period. It's no secret that setting goals is one of the most effective ways to stay focused on what matters and achieve them. It also helps you become more productive as you'll be able to focus on one thing at a time.

When you set up a daily goal, it's easier to prioritize what needs to be done over others because they're clearly defined and there are only so many things that can happen within 24 hours. The idea behind this is simple: if you have limited time, then you should use it wisely instead of wasting it by fighting distractions all day long and coming back home exhausted without having accomplished much at all.

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