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4 Reasons Why Office Pods are Right for Your Business

August 1st 2022

In the wake of the pandemic and the rise in remote and hybrid working, we have seen a noticeable increase in the popularity of office pods. For those that don't know what an office pod is, they are spaces built usually out of screens that provide a private space that can be used in any open plan or large space area.

If you are considering looking at an office pod for your office, here are 4 reasons to consider using one.


Office pods provide privacy in open plan offices and large commercial spaces by providing a place where employees can work without being interrupted by colleagues. We have a range of office pods that are built with acoustic panels so can provide a quiet work area or can be used as a place to meet clients.

With office space at a premium and now with remote working in place in many businesses, many businesses are looking at how they can use there office space more effectively to create meeting hubs. An office pod is perfect for this, particularly with many offices being open plan in design.


With many businesses adopting the open plan offices, there is still a need for having private areas to meet and discuss ideas. Areas that are free from distraction and are quiet. An office pod placed strategically can provide a place that any team or department can meet to discuss ideas freely.

In many offices there is only a single meeting room or the access to it or them can be limited. By creating separate hubs in the office, also frees up the the meeting room that you can reserve for clients so different departments can meet and collaborate without having to go far. With many office pods being made from acoustically treated panels, this provides a much more quieter space so the focus can be on the meeting, without the noise distractions which can be common place in a large office.

Portable and cost effective

We understand that one of the positive benefits for any open plan offices in particular is that the ability to reorganise and design the office layout is a lot easier. This enables businesses that are growing and evolving the ability to do this without being restricted by walls and boundaries.

Office pods carry on this theme and not only are they more cost effective that erecting physical walls. The fact that they can be taken down and moved around the office should you be looking to redesign your office layout, is a huge benefit, not only to the growth of your company but the finances as well.

Flexibility and choice

Office pods are also available in a range of different sizes, types and even configurations to suit any commercial space. Whether you are looking for a small room that is acoustically treated for privacy or a large modern pod that not only provides an added secure space, but also boosts the aesthetic of your office for potential clients, then there is something for you.

Most office pods, particularly acoustically treated pods are available in a wide range of colour options that can suit the company colours or used to enhance the decor of the office. To view more on the different styles, shapes, colours and other options, you can see them here.

In conclusion, these are just 4 reasons why an office pod maybe suitable for your business. With the general consensus of office workers moving to a hybrid way of remote and in office working, creating hub style spaces in the office to evolve to this new type of office environment is a quick way to respond to the change in behaviour and way of working.

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